Want to learn the easiest way in the door for Google maps and the website?

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Google Earth Logo

Learn how people are using Google Earth to sue local businesses.

People are going to Google Earth and looking for A.D.A. violations!

#1 – Learn the most frequent violations.
#2 – Learn how to advise the owner.
#3 –Create relationships with vendors.

A way in the door that resulted in 13 Million dollar of settlements to one individual.

Google maps in the door.

People are using Google maps to identify A.D.A. violations for the physical business.

#1 – What to look for?
#2 – Where to look for it?
#3 – How to fix it?

Learn the secrets to doing all three every time. Now, that sounds doable!

Google Maps logo
computer and phone with photo galleries

How to find images on website of physical A.D.A. violations

The final easy way in the door?

#1 – Learn the most common violations
#2 – Advise which image to remove/add
#3 – Coach on time stamp photos

Discover this power only you possess. You can help businesses save thousands of dollars!

Why is this so important?

Logo for ADA Compliance

There are thousands of businesses being sued each month and the volume is growing.  The trend is to find violations online and sue the business.  The number of lawsuits is growing the number of states this is an issue is growing!

ADA web lawsuits nov 2020



Logo for web accessibility

Here are the states with the most number of small businesses in the US (as of 2020): California: 4.1 million.


Small businesses play a big role in the New York State economy. There are more than 451,000 small businesses in the State, covering a vast spectrum of firms from neighborhood coffee shops and homegrown construction businesses to specialized tech firms and nonprofit service providers.


There are more than 2.5 million small businesses in Florida. These businesses are a powerhouse for job creation, as they employ nearly half of all private sector employees and create three-quarters of net new jobs. Sources: U.S. Census Bureau. (2017).


That is 7 million businesses in the 3 states

What are serial litigants doing?

They are using Google Earth and Google maps and going from business to business and looking for physical violations.  This is HUGE business.  Thousands of lawsuits per year!  

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