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    Let Web Search Pros, a local Orange County web design company create an attractive, and functional online presence for your business or brand. Providing Responsive Web Design, S.E.O., Web Hosting, Online Services and More!

    Specializing in ADA compliance and accessibility!

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    Responsive Web Design

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    S. E. O.

    ADA Compliance

    ADA Compliance

    ADA Compliance Consulting

    ADA Compliance Consulting

    Custom Web Design

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    Modern & Responsive Website Design

    Having a website that is mobile friendly is a critical component today. According to P.E.W. research nearly half of all United States buyer’s reported they exclusively used their mobile device to research local products and services.  All of the sites that we build and host have are secure with a S.S.L.  We specialize in ADA Compliance accessibility for all users.


    Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

    Building and designing the visuals of your website is just one of the multiple steps taken to build a proper functional website. Ranking your website, and ensuring that your website is visible to organic search results is critical for most business’s. Search engine optimization requires not only time, but the right tools as well.

    Search Engine Optimization

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    What We Offer


    We build excellent websites that are accessible by all.  Once we have built a proper site, we offer optimization as well as other forms of marketing for your business.  Your website is your outward appearance of your company.  It should really epitomize your business! 

    ADA Accessibility and Compliance

    Creating a website that everyone can use regardless of their abilities.  Sites built to assist the blind, deaf, color blind and with motor or cognitive issues.  We will be your Website Accessibility Officer while we provide a Website Accessibility Statement and monitoring process.

    Responsive Web Design

    http://www.websearchpros.com/web-design/What is the difference between standard web design vs responsive web design? While the meaning’s are the same you will find many web designer’s/ developer’s use the word responsive to outline the functionality of the website. A responsive website is one that is fully compatible with all mobile devices, and does not require a separate mobile version of the site.

    Hosting & Domain

    https://www.websearchpros.com/web-hosting-services/ At Web Search Pros, we handle all web hosting, and domain services. Providing high quality hosting for my clients is extremely important. Having your website go down can cost you your customers, visitors, leads and ultimately sales. Options such as SSL (HTTPS) encryption for your website, and additional security features helps protect your website and of course information. With options available for all website sizes, we provide flexible pricing to fit your budget as well as requirements.

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    Responsive Website Design

    Additional Services


    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine technology is constantly changing and improving. At Web Search Pros, we provide professional services that adhere to guidelines laid out by search engines such as Google, Bing etc.


    Blogging Services & More

    From setting up a simple yet modern blog to creating a personal cloud under your custom domain, we provide a wide range of services.

    Website Maintenance

    Do you have a WordPress website? We provide monthly maintenance, and also monthly content updates and more. Keeping your website up to date is critical for security, and stability of your site.


    Sales & Marketing


    Brand & Identity


    Web Applications


    Web Design

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